About Me

Sope is a Lagos based interior designer who has merged her background in science, art, and design to create interior spaces. Sope was born into a family of architects and artists and developed her passion for interior design from them. She started her creative journey at Harrington College of Design in Chicago IL U.S.A; she obtained a Master’s degree in interior design. Her studies led her to explore various facets of interior design as well as experiment with different design styles that in turn led her to figure out her style. She also interned at a high-end design firm
Jorje Design in Chicago where she learned about putting together interior spaces that are cohesive as well as beautiful.

Sope artfully designs spaces that provide a compelling integration of modern and traditional elements in a space. She believes that every element and detail should have a reason and motivation as you walk through space.

Sope taps her inspiration from her diverse cultural background, travel experiences and books. She enjoys reading, pinning on Pinterest, traveling, visiting museums and going to see Broadway shows and theatre.